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Hen House


  • Weekend Love2:13
  • White Mice3:37
  • The Fugitive4:32
  • Kerb Crawler2:47
  • Magnetic Heart1:44
  • Vild I Skogen2:23
  • Traditie Amme Balle1:44
  • Double Face1:29
  • I Got A Crush On You3:06
  • After Dark3:21
  • Skrid2:04
  • Boy-Girl2:39
  • Bored Housewives2:25
  • Pretend You're Not Crazy2:57
  • Rapist In The Park2:37
  • Someone Else's Room2:28
  • Hogar, Dulce Hogar (Demo)3:01
  • I Don't Love You1:41
  • True Detective2:41
  • Anti-Social Disease2:00
  • Altari Del Terrore4:01
  • New Kids Army2:24
  • Panic1:49
  • Me Gusta Ser Una Zorra2:40
  • Painijainen2:17
  • Money Talks1:46

Here on Earth in the Milkyway,

we live in a post-truth reality, where "facts" are wildly different depending on your source.

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