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So... does anything unsettle you about humans moving into space? Can you imagine a violent people with a long history of oppression and injustice fairly creating laws and carrying them out? Can humans transform a dysfunctional social landscape to create or become part of a wholly just world?  ​And most importantly, can humans change? ... learn from past mistakes? ... do the right thing? … slash what is Utopia?

In the Golden Age of Everything (good and bad), three different conversations featuring different panels of scientists, social scientists, and experts of various topics participate in a discussion on "How Will We Govern Ourselves in Space?" Guests bounce ideas, share perspectives, and use their Earthly knowledge to imagine the functionality of a new world (no matter what planet we are on) and how or under what circumstances we would get there. 

Now, the thought of colonizing uncharted space might cause you some anxiety. Maybe human existence makes you nervous. Maybe you don’t think people should be anywhere there isn’t breathable air (ok maybe that’s just me). The important thing is that you are opening your mind as much as you possibly can. You’re learning and you’re imagining, knowing anything is possible. 

As you lean into these prophecies, realize what you observe is a product of what you know and what you can envision. It is the dust falling to the ground that transforms your living room into winter landscape. It is a fictional tale you witness swirling in a cup of coffee as your head turns on its axis. It is the bouquet of dried flowers you left on the table because you thought, that even in their decaying state, they might live forever. 

Like any conversation, there are a few clumsy moments -- all the panelists are humans afterall--  but it is absolutely worth watching, hearing, taking notes on, and discussing. The Just Space Alliance -- an organization who advocates for a more inclusive and ethical future in space, harnesses visions of tomorrow for a better world-- teams up with Future Tense, Slate, and New America to consider how we might ensure that our “next frontier” is one that reflects our most humane and democratic values. Watch and listen to the video above.

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How Will We Govern Ourselves in Space?


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