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Hillary came for blood.

Buy vials of blood that Hillary collected at the debate!

Results, observations, & facts from the debate coming in Pulp Oddyssey Issue #2! 

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Hi everyone!

Charly here. Remember I made up a fictional comic strip duo who created trading cards for the 2016 presidential election? Well, "they've" been making all sorts of other fun stuff, too. 

I was in a rush to get to the Blueberry Arts Festival & got a little off-track so I never finished the trading cards. Well, "they" never finished the trading cards because, even though I seem really put together, I’m actually kind of lazy & scatterbrained-- I mean, "they" are. My teachers and people in general don’t really like that about me. But oh well. It works for me & that’s all that really matters. Btw, you can get Trump, Hillary, & Bernie trading cards in Pulp Oddyssey Issue #1 & find more here.

Anyway, the reason I am writing this is to tell you that "Jerry & Larry" put together another comprehensive overview of the first presidential debate. It'll be available in Pulp Oddyssey Issue #2. In it, "they" include 1) proof that Donald Trump is always drunk, 2) proof that Hillary Clinton’s cosmic spirit is actually a dragon 2) a few comments from the audience & also some merchandise the presidential candidates are selling.  You can find the merch to the right of this column.

I hope you like it! I hope you buy some shwaggy!

Don’t forget to tune into the website for more Political Class updates & more comics throughout the rest of the 2016 election season!


P.S. - If you got the 2) joke ILY

Debate of Thrones

Presidential Debate #1

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