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Signs of Extreme Drunkenness

  • Squinting
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Poor skin
  • Confrontational
  • Impulsive attitude
  • Circling Hillary like a shark
  • Slurring words/making up words
  • Grabbing pussies
  • Can't focus eyes
  • Lowered reasoning ability
  • Never, ever makes sense
  • Total mental confusion​​


 Donald Drunk

Proof that this dude has been blackout

drunk 100% of the presidential campaign


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Pulp Oddyssey #2! 

Debate of Thrones

Hillary T-5000    

Proof that Hillary is a dragon-slaying robot

sent from the future to save... someone from... something

1> She has the alphanumeric code 5bc T180 99 stamped into her right shoulder.

2> If you look closely, one of her eyes flashes red.

3> Overwhelming amount of photographic evidence of her shaking hands with, hugging, high-fiving the terminator.