Disappearing Media is the brainchild of writer, musician, illustrator, and educator Jen B. Larson. For the last two decades she's been writing fiction (some of which is found on this site), non-fiction (some of which is also found on this site) and music for bands including Swimsuit Addition and beastii, which has been featured in movies such as Holy Trinity and Carmilla Vive as well as the web series Raising Adults.  

E-mail disappearing.editors@gmail.com to be in contact to use music for soundtracks or if you're a video editor looking to create music videos. We love to collaborate!


Some regular contributors include

Jack Haynes

Frank Okay

Lucianne Walkowicz

Stephen Winchell

Lucius Wisniewski 

Becca Nisbet 

Oliv Roe

Steven Cohen

Lindsay Charles